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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My pro marker tutorial workshop ...

Evening Everyone (again)

I know, 2 posts within minutes of each other, but I promise I haven't been on the energy drinks lol!

As you may, or may not, know, I had my second pro-marker tutorial workshop at the shop yesterday.... 
what a fabulous day we had!

The focus yesterday was on characters, hair, skin, clothing and the like (all the useful areas!)

I just thought I''d pop a couple of the images on here that we did (for the benefit of those that came who are not on Facebook or Twitter) so you can check back and look at what we did and hopefully it remind you how we did them.

I've put a photo on the the huge fairy image too so hopefully it will give you some inspiration :-)

I know we simply ran out of time (after finishing an hour late!) so my next Pro Marker tutorial workshop will be based on scenery, sky, water etc...

I'll let you all know when I have found a spare day to get this booked in!

Anyhoo, thanks again to all of you that came, you were amazing!

Happy Crafting!


  1. don't know what I'd do without my pm's - the images look gorgeous coloured up

  2. Thank you for putting these on Phill. It was a great workshop. Tracey x

  3. I so want to try colouring but am rubbish at it! Your images are so beautiful they look like professional printed ones not hand coloured.

    Note to self... Must try harder so I can put some pics on my Blog!