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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Gilded Dragonfly Meadow

Good Afternoon Everyone

I know, I know,... it's been a while, but I have been really busy! 
Anyhoo, here's todays' post for you... this was a sample card I made for my last shows on Create & Craft, with one of my new stamps, Dragonfly Meadow..

I adore Dragonflies and, dare I say it, probably more than butterflies! (shocking!) lol

This is what I used:
Cream 8x8 Card Blank
Cream Card
Brown Card
Sentimentally Yours Dragonfly Meadow A5 Stamp Set
Cosmic Shimmer Gemstones Gilding Flakes
Cosmic Shimmer Flake & Glitter Glue
Brown Seam Binding Ribbon
Spellbinders Grand Ovals
Walnut Stain Distress Ink
Metal Button

This is what I did:
I won't rattle on about matting and layering as you can see what I did from the photo... 
The card blank was cut with the largest oval die through my Grand Calibur, making sure I overlapped the crease of the card and the bottom of the card to give me a fold and a flat bit so the card stood up! lol
I then did the second largest doe in brown card.
Then the third largest die is cream card and this is the one I used to gild onto.
I used the Cosmic Shimmer flake & Glitter Glue and applied it to my stamp using a piece of cut n dry foam,.. now, I have so many people ask me what the trick is with gilding flakes and it's simple really,... 
Don't use too much glue and don't apply loads of pressure when you stamp it (like you would do with inks)
I, literally, glue the stamp, then just put it onto the card, giving just a very light amount of pressure and remove it straight away.
Then, I just covered the glued impression with the gilding flakes and burnished them into the glue, rubbing off all the excess with my little scrubby sponge :-)
As you'd expect, there's a triple upside down bow made with the brown seam binding ribbon ;-)
The lovely sentiment is part of the Dragonfly Meadow set and I just stamped it onto some left over cream card and snipped the end with my scissors to give it the 'flag' look..I curled the sentiment with my bone folder and used wet glue to stick to the card.

TOP TIP - The cosmic shimmer flake and glitter glue is a little softer than most used for gilding, I would, however, clean the stamp straight away with warm soapy water (I just chucked mine in the sink lol and it washed up lovely)

You'll find most of the products I used on my show on my website here..

Hope you like it :-)

I love gilding flakes and love the overall simplicity and elegance of this card,.. the stamp is doing the hard work here (not me!) ha ha

Happy Crafting!