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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Finally! New Paper Set :-)

Good Evening Everyone

Well, what a dreary, wet day today has been (still is!) 
Typical bank holiday weather! I hope the rain hasn't spoiled any Jubilee celebrations you had planned..

I have finally had time to finish off a new set of papers I have been working on... I looooove them!, but naturally I would as I designed them lol... I just hope you love them too!

As always, I have designed 2 sets of background papers that compliment each other perfectly... 
I'm a stickler for co-ordination!

I have called this new set my 'Damask Florals and Washed Out Damask' set...

There are 17 lush colours in each set, giving you a total of 34 papers in truly stunning, yet, useful colours.
As a crafter, I always design papers I know I can actually use and then created a colour palette that is yummy!

The full set is available now on my website for a measly 4 squid and is available for you to download straight away... here's a quick link Designed By Phill Background Papers 

Being as it's a dreary, wet day.... here's a little freebie of each design to give you some crafty sunshine :-)

Happy Crafting!


  1. thank you so much Phill, especially love the mint one x

  2. Thanks Phill you clever thing. Love the colours. When I get a card done with them I'll let you have a look. Jenny x

  3. Just seen this now Phill, thanks for that, they are beautiful xx