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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Stampavie Card :-)

Evening All

As promised, here is the photo of the card  made using the stamp I coloured in last night..

I love the Stampavie stamps, so lovely to colour in and then the fun part of decorating the card around the image :-)

As usual, I have used my pro-markers, the border is from my Woodware Crafty Edger (also on the website) and the flowers are a Woodware Multi Flower punch (also on my website lol)
8x8 Kraft Card Blanks and the pink card is by Hunkydory (soon on the website lol)
I sell the polka dot ribbon by the reel too on my website lol :o)

Remember - have some Stampavie Stamps (Including this one) on my website... 
Quick Link here - Stampavie Stamps 

Hope you like it

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Create & Craft Shows...

Good Afternoon Everyone

Just a quick post to let you know about my Create & Craft shows this weekend...

I will be doing the Fabulous Hunkydory Blockbuster!!

If you haven't seen this yet.... I'll give you a tip... It's brilliant! Something for everyone!
And a fantastic, price!!

I will be on ..

Saturday at 12noon and 6pm
Sunday at 11am and 5pm

Hope you can watch :o)

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cards from yesterdays show....

Good Evening Everyone

As promised, here are some photos of the cards I made on my Stampavie show yesterday...

I love Stampavie, so it was actually harder for me to choose which images I wanted to use as they were all lovely!!

Anyhoo, hope you like them :o)

If you want to know the names of the ones I used and which papers etc, give me a shout.

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

New Scrapbook Page...

Good Evening Everyone

I thought I'd share this scrapbook page with you...
The photo is my favourite one from a whole load (that will no doubt be scrapped soon) that were taken on one of the Formal Nights when we were on our Hawaii'n cruise...

I have also used this photo to create a 3d frame (like the ones I do with Tilda and Edwin) as a gift to my partner for his birthday last week... believe me, it took ages to get it 'just right' ... even down to moving the little ink spots on the page so they were right! lol

I also made a co-ordinating card to go with it :-)

I may even show you one day, but at the mo, it's for him to enjoy :-)

I love sharing my Craft Artist Pro scrapbook pages with you and it humbles me when so many of you have sent me messages to say I have helped you to start scrapping your memories and treasured photos :-)

I have used elements from several Digikits, but let me know if you want to know where any of the bits came from lol

Anyhoo, here it is... I hope you like it :-)

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Diary of my week... up to now!

Good Morning Everyone...

What an incredibly busy week I've had! I can't believe it's Saturday already... where have the days gone? lol

As most of you probably know by now, we are having a complete rebuild of our kitchen at home, there have been so many workmen in and out of the house over the last 3 (yes, 3!) weeks that I feel I have known them forever! lol
Next week sees the beginning of week 4 of the kitchen which, I'm pleased to say, should be the last week...
It has been exciting, but very stressful, watching the old kitchen disappear and the new one take shape day by day...  now all this is wonderful, but imagine the fun I'm having trying to work around this with no cooker or water in the kitchen etc!... imagine how many times I've told myself 'it will be worth it'! :-)

In between all the chaos at home, it has also been soooo busy at the shop, with a workshop every day we are open :-) 
Deliveries from Woodware and Hunkydory on the same day, that took us two days to unpack, price up and get on the shelves so everyone can see the lovely new goodies :-) 
(I love deliveries though and usually end up adding most of it to my own stash lol)

I've also been stamping and colouring and making cards and prepping for my forthcoming create and craft shows next Tuesday... I love this part and it's always a pleasure to sit and design new cards :-)
There are some fantastic HOTP and Stampavie products for next week that it genuinely has been lovely to work with them :-)

Add to this, 5 Mothers day card orders that I had on Thursday! lol 

In between all of this, I have been doing my prep work for my Hayling Island workshops (I can't wait for this) and been trying to think of new techniques that we will be able to do within the workshop timescales! lol
My Hayling Island prep is ongoing and there is two weeks left to go! Will I be ready? Hope so! lol

So today brings us Saturday, another big workshop this morning at the shop 
(yep, all is ready and I am actually prepared for this one) lol

I love my workshops, love chatting with everyone and catching up with what we have all been up to over the week... and, naturally, sitting with a cuppa and a cake ;-)

Sundays and Mondays are days off, well, that's not 100% true as I am usually preparing for Create and Craft shows or my next workshops, but I am at home so I can work in a more relaxed pace... (with lot's of cuppas) I can't remember the last time I actually had a day where I wasn't doing some sort of work.... 
Work that I absolutely adore doing!, is it really work? lol :-)

Anyhoo, it's nearly 8am so I need to get off to the shop and get the kettle on for all my lovely Saturday morning group :-)

Have a fantastic, crafty weekend and I will see you on Create & Craft next Tuesday!

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Create and Craft Shows..

Good Evening Everyone

I have some very exciting news for you...

I have been asked if I would do some Create & Craft Shows next week for Bramwell Crafts... Now if you don't know who Bramwell Crafts are, quite simply they are the company who bring us some of my favourite brands of products... such as Stampavie, Bo Bunny, Hot of the Press, Kaiser Crafts an Cricut to name but a few...
So, you can imagine, I didn't have to think too long lol

Now, most of you will know that the lovely Mel usually does shows with these brands and I am very happy to be representing such a talented team on Create & Craft :-)
To clarify, I'm not replacing Mel, just sharing her workload :-)

So, next Tuesday, you will see me as follows..

8am - Fantastic Hot Of The Press show (some brilliant, superb quality products in this show!!)

1pm - Whoo Hoo - Stampavie Show (You simply HAVE to see these beautiful stamps!! I love them 

6pm (although this show time may change) - More Hot Off The Press

In case you can't tell... I am very exited about these shows!!

Hope you can watch

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Leonie and lil ole me... nutters!

Hi Everyone

I thought I'd just pop these smashing photos on of me and Leonie from the NEC this year... 
I know some of my Blog followers aren't on Facebook or Twitter so won't have seen these yet....

Leonie was working very hard (ahem) and I was spending hard (no change there then!) so we had our 5 minutes of madness for the camera ;o)

Hope you like them.... she's a love and has put the photo of me with my tongue out on her Blog, so this way it's not just me looking a nutter!! 

Happy Crafting!

Couple of Cards For You....

Good Morning Everyone!

What a beautiful sunny Sunday!

And, I have a day off! Whoo Hoo! Now, you'd think that with a proper day off that I would have a rest from Crafting... nope, not me lol

I have Stamped some beautiful Sarah Kay images ... [ some exciting news about this soon too :o) ] and they are crying out to me to colour them in... who am I to argue? lol

Before I do that though, I wanted to pop a few photos of cards we have done at my workshops over the last couple of weeks...
As you know, I love my stamping and colouring in :o) so we do that alot lol

Hope you like them... 

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Create & Craft Shows....

Good Afternoon Everyone...

Hope you are all well and crafting away!

I just thought I'd do a quick post to let you know what my Create & Craft Shows are for Friday this week (more of a reminder for myself really, as I check my blog so I know where I need to be and at what time lol)

Anyhoo, here goes...

All on Create & Craft

Friday 9th March
8-9 am - Serif Digikits
11-12 noon Serif Digikits
2-3 pm New Combined Crafts Show (lots of different craft products, bit like  craft o'clock)
6-7 pm New Combined Crafts Show

So, I'm going to be busy on Friday :o)

Hope you can watch!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another New Scrapbook Page ...

Evening All

As promised, here is another scrapbook page created in Craft Artist Pro for you....

This time, I have gone for a completely different colour scheme and 'feel' of the page... and this is an A4 page :o)

The photo was from a visit To Skye (loved it) and yes, it was bliddy freezing!

I have used the Rustic Charm Digikit which I believe is still available on Daisytrail.... well worth getting this one, the colours are beautiful!

Remember, if you want to add me as a friend on Daisytrail, just search on there for me.. phillmmartin 

Here it is... hope you like it :o)

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Scrapbook Page...

Afternoon Everyone

Just thought I'd pop a photo on here for you of another Scrapbook page I made using Serif Craft Artist Pro.
Hopefully, if I keep adding pages now and again, it will give you some ideas for layouts and colour themes etc..

Anyhoo, this one was created using the Sahlin Studios 'Life's a Beach' Digikit...
I've used various tools to create this page, stencil, shadow, transparency, recolour, photolab, scissors, brush tool for the faux stitching and so on...

The faded photo behind us is one we took on Waikiki beach :-)

Hope you like it :-)

Happy Crafting!

Friday, 2 March 2012

New Papers... :o)

Hi Everyone (again)

Two posts in one day means I am catching up! lol

Anyhoo.... In between my crazy, busy week, I have managed to finish my latest set of background papers... :o)

I have called these my 'Best of British and Cracked Co-Ordinates' set.

This year is going to be a patriotic one... the Olympics, The Queens Jubilee so, do we need background papers for all our patriotic cards and scrapbook projects... course we do! And I have them here for you :o)

As always, all my background papers come in sets of 2, one patterned an one co-ordinating plainer one so that they work well together..
I have taken the British Flag and given it a revamp! Who knew that it  would look just as stunning in shades of red?! Well, I think it does lol 
So, with that in mind, I have revamped it into 17 lush colours that will work in just about any project we can do with, of course the cracked co-ordinates to go with them :o)

As always, I like to give you a couple of freebie sheets, to get your creative juices flowing, and here they are :o)

You can buy the full set of 17 colours (and I have included a free traditional flag too) by clicking here .. Best of British and Cracked Co-Ordinates for only £4, remember you can use these whenever, however and as often as you like as they are files you can save on your computer :o)

I will point out too, that although I have developed these papers into A4, you can change the size in your printer settings suit whatever project you are doing at the time ie: A5, 5x5, 8x8 etc 

Happy Crafting!

Diary of my week.... so far!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, now I have had time to catch my breath from what has been an incredibly busy week, I will let you know what I've been up to!

As you know, I had my Craftathon at the shop last Sunday, what a fabulous day we had!
What could be better.... crafting all day with great company, great projects and lots of tea and cake!

I then had the brilliant Serif 4 day deal on Create and Craft, Monday to Thursday... and did an hour on Paperclinic and an hour on Spellbinder in between... I think I was on air for 12 hours in 4 days!

So now I am catching up on all the jobs I should have done last week and then I am going into the shop later today... I've forgotten what it looks like!

In between all this, I have finished some new background papers too!
I'll blog about these in another post shortly :o)

And I am back on your Create and Craft Screens next week for a few more hours!

Monday 5th - Paperclinic 11-1pm (really looking forward to this!)
Monday 5th - Serif Digikit Bundle 4-5p (More fabulous digi kits!)

Friday 9th - 8-9am (Serif Digi Kits again)
Friday 9th - 11-12noon (Serif Digi Kits again)


That's how my week has been... crazy!, but I love it :o)

Happy Crafting!