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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pro Marker Workshop...

Good Evening Everyone...

Thanks to everyone who came to the Pro Marker Workshop today... I hope you learned some new ways to use your pens and, at the very least, you know how to do clothing, skin and hair now! 

I had a fabulous day with you all, doing my favourite thing... colouring! :o)

Anyhoo, as promised, here are two of the images finished, I just need to add glitter and glossy accents to them, but wanted to show you before I do that..

I've taken the photos on my phone so they're not the best, but you'll get the idea :o)

The first one is the Saturated Canary Image -
The colours I used were:-

Ivory, Vanilla, Saffron and Blossom

Cocoa, Walnut and Umber (you have a list of the 5 colours I usually use)

Pastel Blue, Powder Blue and Demin Blue

Shirt and Socks
Pastel Blue and Denim Blue

Blossom, Rose Pink and Pink Carnation (Laces are Umber)

Ivory, Vanilla, Sandstone and Caramel

The Second one is the Teddy Bo Image

The colours I used were:-

Big Teddy Bo
Satin, Cocoa, Sandstone and Umber

Trousers, Hat and Pockets
Tea Green and Grey Green

Khaki and Sandstone

Waistcoat, Hat Trim and Neckerchief
Shale and Umber

Little Teddy Bo
Ivory, Cocoa and Umber

Trousers and Hat Trim
Apricot and Spice

Gold and Lemon

Tea Green, Cool Aqua and Ice Grey 1

Moss and Pear Green

Okie Cokie

I hope you like them, I'm now going for a cuppa!

Let me know if you would be interested in a monthly Pro Marker Club, if I get enough of you wanted to do it, I will try and fit it in :o)

Thanks for a fab day!

Happy Colouring!


  1. They are lovely Phill.xx

  2. Thanks Phill. I enjoyed today and would be interested in a monthly class PLEASE,(especially if I can sit next to you for extra help!!).
    Love the finished images.(think a blue arm would look good!! lol) will try to finish my colouring over next few days.
    Waiting to see your finished roses.
    Thanks again. Fi x

  3. Blimey, that was quick, you don't mess about do you? Thanks for today, I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. I would also be interested in a monthly class. Take care. SueL

  4. Hi Phil
    Thanks for a great day - learnt an awful lot too. Please include me if you have anymore promarker dates - still got a lot to learn...

    Love her pink boots not decided what colour to do mine yet !!!

    |Have a great week and see you soon

    Sylvia x

  5. Wish I lived nearer would love to come but will have to make a note of couloirs and refer back to your picture, love your blog & yourfacebook page best wishes ginny

  6. Hi phil, definately b interested in pro marker work shop first time ive ever looked at a blog and really could do with all the help I cam find.

    have purchased 10s of thousands in cash for all craft families machines equipment etc alone 400 squid on markers I have looked on web in my area for any crafters inyersted but no avail.

    ibdont leave my home im disabled live loterally on portobello market. So anyone else reading this nearby who is interesyed in meeting to craft please contact me. Its no fun oon your own.

    love to all terrie x

  7. Hi Phill I would def be interested in promarker workshops, I am so rubbish at colouring at that I no longer use my stamps :-(