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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Paper Flowers

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Just a quickie, sooooo many people have asked about the flowers I have used on the card below so I thought it easier to let you all know on here..

They are a box of paper flowers by woodware, all white so you can ink them, spritz them, distress them, stamp onto them and so on... They feel like thick handmade mulberry paper which, as we know, is a pain to punch through!
They also have the creases on the petals so we don't have to!
I use them all the time as it saves me getting the big shot out or lots of punches and they go a loooong way!

Here is a link to them in my shop Paper Flowers 

Anyway, I hope you treat yourself... and find time to organise them into little storage boxes, like I did lol

Happy Crafting!

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