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Friday, 19 August 2011

What am I up to?.....

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would pop a lil message on here to let you all know a little bit about what I am up to...

I can confirm that I will be back on your screens next Monday, 22nd, on Ideal World (not Create & Craft) for the full two hours of Craft o'clock!

I hope you can join me and drop me an email to say Hi :o)

As for who I am going to be working with/for.... well, that's a lil surprise, but I know you will put 2 and 2 together and figure it out, however, I will (on Monday or Tuesday next week) make an official announcement, just so you know what is actually happening and not what you may or may not have heard lol

Besides, I like to keep you guessing ;o) lol

I will take this opportunity too to say a huge thankyou for all your continued support and the numerous daily messages I get on Facebook, asking where I have been lol.... at least now you know I will be back :o)

I will see you all on Monday!

Happy Crafting!

Love, as always


  1. Yay, wondered where you had gone.

  2. You've been missed Phill, be great to have you back, looking forward to it :) x

  3. Glad that u are back missed u on the telly xx

  4. Just thought I'd let you know that your little (and younger) sister does actually read all your websites!
    See you soon!