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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Create & Craft Shows

Good Afternoon Everyone..

Well, I've had a lovely Sunday, lazed (I know, how could I! lol) most of the morning, then spent the last few hours finalising the plans for my first ever Create & Craft shows with my own Stamp Range, Sentimentally Yours AND some incredible products from Creative Expressions that work perfectly together!

To say I'm excited is a mahoosive understatement!!

I can't tell you which of my stamps will be on the shows yet, but I CAN tell you that some of Collection 3 will be launched on these shows!! whoo hoo

Anyhoo, here are the details:- Put the date in your diary and set it to record if you can't watch live :-)

Monday 10th March 2014 - 9am and 4pm

I'll get as many demos as I can in each show 
and they will be different for each show :-)
I can't wait!

Now, where did I put my cuppa?

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh cant wait, shall defo be watching :)

  2. I will be there cheering you on. Good luck Phill x

  3. I'm so excited for you. Good luck not that you'll need it xxx

  4. I am already the proud owner of quite a number of your stamps, of which the design and quality are second to none. I am certain your new venture will be a huge success. Looking forward to your demo's on Create & Craft as you are so talentedand such an inspiration.

  5. Hi phill, can't wait to see you new stamps, I love anything to do with stamps. Good luck, Jean x

  6. Will defo make a note to watch/record both shows -
    Good Luck lovely man , as Morrisey said " Perfectionists of the world , unite and take over " lol - yeah I'm one to ! xxx

  7. great phill remind us nearer the day lol my grey matter these days pmsl

  8. Hi Phill, I'm Truly Thrilled with you taking your Stamps onto Create and Craft and also working alongside Creative Expressions whom are a wonderful company so with your Stamps and there products it's a match made in heaven.
    Take care Love and hugs from Sam x

  9. I am so happy that we will see you on C&C on the 10th. I am really looking forward to seeing your demos. I will be watching without doubt x

  10. Hi Phill
    I have just watched you on C&C, really enjoyed it and can't wait for the 4pm one and I was hoping you could tell me what the measurements were for the last but one card yoU made,(cream and Purple I think).
    Thanks in advance

    Ali x

  11. Really enjoyed the show, would you be able to post the first card you made on your blog? Thanks heaps x

  12. Hi Phill, you were Tremendous this morning I thought you said you were nervous Lol! Love and hugs from Sam x

  13. Hi Phill, I may be a little late but you were fantastic yesterday I watched the morning show and taped the afternoon show and just caught up with the recorded one tonight! Really enjoyed both shows, so pleased you have joined Creative Expressions wishing you lots of luck, you deserve this success.
    Margaret corgi owner