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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Stained Glass Die with Pixie Powders

Hello Crafters!

Here is a card made at our workshops.  The painting takes about 45 minutes, but the assembly is very quick! It is simple, but effective!

This card is a sample made using Sue Wilson's new Stained Glass Dies, with Cosmic Shimmer Pixie Powders. We have also used Sues Tropical Hibiscus Die, Sweet William Die, Stitched Lattice Frame and Whimsical Leaves Die.

The colours used on the main sample card are Midnight Blue, Teal Wash and Candy Pink, but as always we've included samples made by our crafters in other colours.

Stage 1 -  Cut out all the necessary die cuts and card layers. Here we have used the Stitched Lattice Frame as our starting point for working out all the other sizes.  We wanted to frame the Butterfly Stained Glass Die inside the Stitched Frame, so this layer is 9cm by 12cm.  You could of course make the outer frame of the Stained Glass much larger.  We have also cut a piece of white card 9cm x 12cm to create the background layer for the Stained Glass Die to stick to.

Stage 2 - On this sample card we have created a Pixie Powder background using three different colours tapped onto the white layer and then misted with water.  To soften the intensity of the colours, we blotted the card with kitchen towel and then dried with a heat gun.  We have also used Pixie Powders on the small centre pieces of the flowers to add interest.  These are part of the Sweet William die.

On our other samples our crafters have actually painted ALL the individual segments of the stained Glass Die using Pixie Powders. Firstly, stick the black Stained Glass Die Cut onto the white layer. Then you have to tap out some Pixie Powder onto a blending mat and use water brush to pick up the powder and paint the segments.

Stage 3 - When the Pixie Powder Layer is dry, carefully glue the Black Stained Glass layer onto it.  On our sample card the outer segments of the image have been painted with Pixie Powders to make the image stand out more.

Stage 4 - Shape the black Tropical Hibiscus Flowers with a shaping tool and layer together with the Sweet William centres.  Leave to dry.

Stage 5 - Layer up the card.  Here we have lifted the first black layer with foam tape and stuck the next white layer flat to this.  We have then lifted the Black Stitched Lattice Frame with foam tape.  The Stained Glass Die is actually stuck flat onto the white background.

Stage 6 - Assemble all the flowers and Whimsical Leaves.  Glitter as you wish!

The Full Card

 Here is what we used, with links to the www.....

Other Samples

Remember - we are more than happy for you to replicate our cards in your own style! :-)

Happy Crafting!
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