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Saturday, 19 January 2013

My flip album project progress :-)

Good Afternoon Everyone

If you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know I've been making a Flip album using one of my Graphic45 12x12 albums.

The plan is (ha ha) to create a lovely album of different pages from our holidays and weekends away, that I can leave in our dining room and just 'flip' the pages to a different one when I feel like it :-)

Of course, this is all being created in my 'spare' time, so it could take a while to finish! But that's part of the fun of it... Something I can look forward to when I do get a spare few hours :-)

Now, thinking about this logically (which is so unlike me!) I have to keep the pages relatively flat so they aren't too bulky when they flip over, so I've made good use of my silhouette machine :-)

I've now finished two pages and thought I'd take you on this project 'journey' with me... I hope you like them :-)

Here's the first two pages,

Happy Crafting!


  1. What a great idea Phill.
    I think the Graphic 45 12x12 book is so nice, very different from the usual books.
    I am making a 12x12 of "Me" at the Mo. Took the idea from Mel Heaton who has made a book for her Son.
    I decided to do the same for my two, so started a couple of weeks ago, some of my pages are on my blog and one to come you may or may not like has a "Pet RAT" on, oh hope you like her.

  2. Love them, loving the neutral background colours, as they don't take away from the photos. I have no less than 5 (yes I know terrible) albums that I want to do for various occasions sadly all empty due to lack of time, feel I must make some soon.

    Debbie H

  3. I love those. Not at all jealous of your fantastic holidays! That explains your tan. We often think of going to Cape Verde - is it worth the money? Ali x

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  5. I'll try again !! These flip albums are a great idea and a lovely way of recalling your holiday memories. I especially like the New York one dahling :o) xx

  6. Love the flip album and great memory project love the pics
    carol x