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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Lil Freebie for you...

Hi Everyone

As you have probably heard me say a hundred, nay, a thousand times over the last few days lol, I am going on my holidays in a few days for a wee while so I thought I'd let you have a lil freebie background paper that I designed myself...
It's a lovely vintage coloured snowflake paper.... there'll be more soon, but I was thinking..... I could let you all have a freebie and a play whilst I am away, then you could show me what you did with it in your craft projects when I get back... sound like a plan?

I love background papers (as most of you know) and I like to create my own when I can't find the 'right' one, so here it is.... Have fun and enjoy using it...I hope I do this post right so you can click on the image, then right click on the image again once it opens in full size...(fingers crossed!)


Happy Crafting!

See you all soon, with lots of holiday stories!

Love, as always

* FREEBIE has now been removed *
Let me know if you wanted it, but didn't get chance and I'll see what I can do :o)


  1. Thank you so much for the freebie Phill, it's lovely!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your break. :) X X

  2. lovely freebie, thank you. Have a fab holiday xx

  3. Gorgeous paper, thanks, enjoy your holiday
    Lindsay xx

  4. That will be useful, thanks a lot and have a lovely holiday. Jean

  5. Thanksyou for the freebie Phil it`s lovely.
    Jackie xx

  6. what a lovely background paper Phill. Thank you so much. What graphics program do you use to create this? Photoshop? Whatever you use this is great.

    Thanks again,

    Paula Gale x x x

  7. didnt get the chance to get this one or any of the others(if there are any) before it as not been following long and didnt know about these papers till recently x if its at all possible to have them I would be ever so grateful xxxx my email is hbkjbj@gmail.com x