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Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Secret Project - well, one of them ;o)

Good Evening Everyone

I have soooo loved working on this secret project, mainly because it has taken me so long to finish it, but I have worked on it as and when I had had time to and not rushed it to completion!
This was something I wanted to do for display in the shop, but of course it incorporates lots of my favourite things, such as the Magnolia Images, Distressing, Stamping and lots of colouring in!

I bought the individual 5" letters in March this year, whilst I was at Olympia, yep, waaaay back in March!

Each letter has been distressed with Faded Jeans and Walnut Stain several times to get the colours just how I wanted them... especially as the inks just got soaked into the letters, I kind of liked that as it gave more depth.

I have them stamped the swirly pattern on the edges of the letters with brown ink and added glamour dust accents to them.... painstakingly with a quickie glue pen!

You all know how I love my colouring inn and I have probably spent more hours than an average working month colouring all these lovelies in... there are 5 shades of brown in Tildas hair! And three in each set of clothing!

Anyhoo... this is now displayed in the shop, high up on one of the walls so it can't be touched lol
The photos are not particularly good as I did them on my phone, but I promised  you photos tonight, so here they are :o)
PS - It is straight on the wall... It is just so big it was the only way I could get all the image on the photo! lol

I hope you love it as much as I do :o)
(Onto secret project no.2 now... it's already started lol)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Well my friend this was definitely worth the wait. It is absolutely stunning, I love love love it. Now can you do one for Nicola's Hair Studio lol. The hours of work you have spent with this have well and truly paid off. Its just stunning. Love all the colours, stamps, everything. I cant wait to see it for real when I next visit lol. Beautiful, lots of love NJ XX

  2. they are fantastic phil, you are so talented

  3. Wow Phil! Well done they're fantastic! Do you sell the items in the shop? Great projects for door plaques etc for children (and big children!)

    Think you deserve a break now!

    Take care, well done.

    Lisa xx

  4. Oh wow this is stunning work.xxx

  5. Wow this is stunning but certainly worth the wait. I haven't been a follower of your blog for that long but have watched you on C&C/Ideal World and think you are very tallented. Cant wait to see what else you have in store for us.
    Max x
    PS. Just bought the Tatty Ted CD are you going to be demoing this one again soon as I love your work.

  6. OMG Phill this is absolutely fabulous, I love it and it was well worth the wait :)

  7. That's spectacular Phill! Must have taken ages to do.
    Totally worth it every minute of work tho :o) xxx

  8. Gorgeous Phill, what a brilliant idea xx

  9. just love it Phill, thank you for sharing it with us xx

  10. Absolutely FAB, Phill! Can't wait to see it in its full glory on Thursday!!!

    It's a brilliant idea!!

    See you thursday

  11. This is brilliant Phil, i'm in the middle of something like this for my craft room. it really is a labour of love and i cant wait for it to be finished, but like you i just do a little at a time...so it may be a while yet.
    Great job with the maggies as well.
    Shell xx