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Monday, 11 April 2011

If I was to do a lil ....

tutorial episode.... what would you like me to do?

Hi Everyone
I have been thinking about this for a wee while and can't decide what you would benefit most from...

So, you tell me...
What lil online tutorial would you like me to do for you? 
It has to be a quick'ish one...(few minutes) and a clean one! lol

Give me some ideas and when I get back from my jolly holidays at the end of the month, I will see what's been suggested and try and get one sorted and posted on the blog for you :o)

Happy Crafting!


  1. how about u show us some differant shaped cards,fed up of doing boring a5 cards.oh and enjoy ur holidays.love sue and lindy.xx

  2. For some reason, I get nervous about stamping and colouring in with either my whispers strokes pens or my heatgun. Any tutorials on shading etc would be great, thanks. x

  3. Hello my crafty pal lol, how about an easel card with a stamped image matted and layered onto it, but show us how to blend the colours of the image, I struggle with the blending sometimes. Hope your having a fab hol XXX