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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm a little teapot (well an 8x8 one really)

Hi Everyone

As promised, another photo! Two days in a row?....I'm on a roll lol

Another busy day at the shop, I have a workshop on Wednesday mornings too (yep, I do quite a few! lol)
We always have such a laugh,... can't beat a good laugh, with a good crowd whilst making cards!

Wednesdays are my short day (part timer I know) so I finish work a bit earlier, that means I have time to come home and finish off all (one or two really) the half done projects I have lying around lol

So, today, I finished my 8x8 Tilda Teapot Easel Card, some of you may have seen the Blue & Brown one I did at my Minithon last month, well this is the one I started at the Minithon, but didn't finish lol

Before anyone asks about the template, all I will say is, patience...later in the year lol ;o)

The papers I used are from Pink Petticoat... printed myself..
Tilda, is from my ever growing collection of Magnolia Stamps (please don't ask how many I have 'collected' as I'd be ashamed to tell you lol)

Anyway, I hope you like this card, it's a real labour of love as they do take a while to do... these type of cards I do when I need to relax and take time for myself.....

Happy Crafting!


  1. Beautiful card Phill I am guesssing it's a teapot easel card Looks FAB

  2. LOVE this card Phill as its so different and its pink!

  3. Gorgeous Tilda creation Phil..there was a tea pot template in one of the Magnolia magazines..you could enter this into the
    which is confectionary..have a nosey would love to see you there..

    smiles Christine xx

  4. Beautiful card, as always, love Anne C xx